Singles Mingles Match – March 8th

The Tuesday Singles Mingles Match was attended by twelve (12) members of the CM Shuffleboard Club. Eight (8) Pros and four (4) Amateurs players participated. The Pro Winners were: First Place – Edna Triplett; Second Place, John Holder; Third Place, Rex Galusha. The Amateur Winners were: First Place, Bob Tager;  Second Place, Bonnie Radke (there was no third place). Dennis Buelk, the event Director, reminded us that the Final Singles Mingles Match of the season will be held on March 22nd and is open to all CMS Club members.  Ya’ll come on by!

Pros - Rex, Edna and John

Pros – Rex, Edna and John

Amateurs - Bob and Bonnie

Amateurs – Bob and Bonnie


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  1. Honey Lou says:

    Thanks so much for letting me peek in on you at Coronado, Looking forward to the summer.

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