MAYOR’S TOURNAMENT – February 16, 2016

It had been raining all night long before the Annual Mayor’s Tournament. At seven (7) AM the rain stopped and the sun started working its way thru the clouds. The local roosters greeted us on the courts before we started to squeegee them off in preparation for the tournament. Forty (40) excited players showed up to play and have fun. The nominal $2 entry fee per person was distributed as prize money. Marguerite and Paul Fortier arrived early to prepare the coffee and deliver delicious luncheon Tournament Cake. Kimla Shelton from the Parks and Recreation Department brought all of us some donuts to enjoy in the morning. Dennis Buelk supervised the tournament proceedings and it all went off without a hitch.

John Holder gave the prayer and Allen Best lead us in the pledge of allegiance. The Mayor, Jim Hathaway thanked us all for coming and received a brief lesson from Felix Piscitelli on how to “shuffle”. Sixteen (16) Pros and Twenty (24) Amateurs drew random disks for court and partner assignments before every contest. We played three games before lunch and then three more games after lunch.   The winners were as follows:  Pros First Place – Charlie Jones;  Second Place – Edna Triplett; Third Place – Wendell Henderly and Fourth Place – Tom Andrick.  Amateur First Place – Mary McConnell; Second Place – John Fortini; Third Place – Grant Barrett and Fourth Place – Allen Best. Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who came out to play and have fun.

Pros - Tom, Edna, Charlie and Wendell.

Pros – Tom, Edna, Charlie and Wendell.

Ams: Allen, Grant, Mary and John

Ams – Allen, Grant, Mary and John

More Pictures from the Mayor’s Tournament

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  1. Joan best says:

    Vvveeerrryyy nice coverage…Thanx!!!!!!!!!!!

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