CMS Club Northern District Tournament – Jan 14/16

This was the last Northern District Tournament to be hosted by the CM Shuffleboard Club this season.   Any Doubles For Pros and Any Doubles for Amateurs was held on January 14 thru January 16. Normally the Tournament takes place over two days but due to the rain on Friday, the final games took place on Saturday, January 16th. Our CMS club members and neighbors, Julie and John Rambo, from the Beachside Candy Company, sponsored this event along with our club. We had a very good turn out assembling thirty-eight (38) teams: 15 Amateur and 23 Pro teams.

Many thanks to Richie and Carolyn Burrell, the Directors from the Northern District, for presiding over this tournament.  We also need to thank our CM Shuffleboard volunteers for their top-notch support in setting up the courts, disc cleaning, re-beading the courts throughout the tournament and kitchen/clubhouse prep.  Arden and Mary McConnell, Don and Barb Nephew, Bob Stock, Johnnie Conner, Betty Buccini, Paul and Marguerite Fortier, Debbie and Durl Evans, Arlene and Jerry Jabaut, and Gerry Bousquet deserve a big thank you for all their hard work. No Shuffleboard Club which achieves success does so without the help of their volunteers.

PRO RESULTS for CMS club member participants are:

Main Event: 1st place – Darrel Harman and Bill Boyes; 3rd place – Stan Williamson and Walt Bartels (Deland); 4th place – Charlie Jones and Jerry Taylor.

CONSOLATION: 1st place – Edna Tripett and Tom Andrick;  3rd place – Pat Zern and Sigrid Reichert

AMATEUR RESULTS for CMS club member participants are as follows:

MAIN EVENT: 1st place –Jeff Luneau and Bob Wolven; 2nd place – Guy Godman and Bob Tager; 3rd place – Bonnie and Randy Radke.

CONSOLATION: 1st place – Wayne Lockwood and Rex Galusha; 2nd place – Grant Barrett and Tim Pergrem;


Congratulations to all our CM Shuffleboard Members for their well played matches!

Any doub 01-014-166

Julie Rambo, Beachside Candy Company

Julie Rambo, Beachside Candy Company

More Pictures from Northern District Tournament

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2 Responses to CMS Club Northern District Tournament – Jan 14/16

  1. Peter Jakubowicz says:

    Darrel Harman rocks. I think it’s time for him to turn Pro!

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