Tournament continues Saturday Jan 16.

Due to the rainy weather today (Friday), the Northern District Tournament that started on our courts yesterday (Thursday) must carry over to tomorrow (Saturday the 16th).

Volunteers, officials and players all showed up made coffie, put out food goodies, and prepped courts this morning, only to have the rain move in about 8:30 AM. By 9:30 it was apparent that the day was a "wash out", and Tournament Director Richie Burrell (ably assited by Carolyn Burrell) announced the postponement. He also said that if it is not be possible to complete the tournament on this Saturday, it will have to be completed at our club on an available Saturday which is not already scheduled for a Northern District (ND) event, such as the Jan 23rd meeting. Tournament scheduling is covered in th ND rules.

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1 Response to Tournament continues Saturday Jan 16.

  1. Mary Harlow says:

    Will courts 1-4 be available for Scoring at noon tomorrow?

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