Important Notice from the Nominating Committee

Members of the Coronado/Mainland Shuffleboard Club.

As I have been reminding you all at the various gatherings, this is again the year we must elect new officers and representatives of the club. As of this memo there are only two positions, two representatives, which will carry over into next year. We therefore need people for three representative positions, a treasurer, a secretary, a vice president, and a president. Thus far the nominating committee has identified two members who have agreed to run for representative positions and one member who has stepped forward to run for secretary. That leaves one representative position, a treasurer, a vice president, and president position to be filled. Should one of the present representatives move up to one of the officer’s position, that will require not one but two representatives to be elected.

Be aware that if there are no officers of the club there is no club. If there is no club you members that participate in tournaments will no longer be able to do so unless you go join another club. By joining a different club you have not avoided that issue since they too will be asking you to do that same things I am asking you to do: STEP UP AND HELP RUN THIS CLUB.

Nominations for positions on the board are due at the February meeting so as to vote at the March meeting. It is in your interest to be at the February and March meetings.

If any member considers any other member qualified to run for one of the open positions, I encourage you to seek them out and encourage them to do so.

The nomination committee:

Arden McConnell, Bill Boyes, Barb Nephew

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