FUN DAY – January 2016

January 9th was the first C/M Shuffleboard member only Fun Day that Randy and I had ever attended. It was really a lot of fun with plenty of laughs. We all appreciate the members who came out early to set up the courts, club house and kitchen.  Forty-eight members showed up at noon to a sunny afternoon before a light fog rolled in. Hot dogs, donuts, coffee and tea were served before Team Captains were assigned to different courts. President Allen Best provided the chips for drawing the 14 teams that competed in each one of our 20 tricked-out courts. Courts were set-up to let fly between the legs of a chair, bowling pins and concrete blocks. On some courts you could score on the lines, a blind shot, only on your subordinate arm, off a bungee cord, in the kitchen and much more. Teams with the most points placed for $ winnings. This month Don Nephew’s team won with 1590 points. The lowest score was 840 points, a considerable spread. We are all very pleased to see so many new members participating in the fun and games. Come join us next month for your fun and amusement!

FUN DAY 01-09-1613

More Pictures from Fun Day

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