Dutifully Cleaning The Courts – 2016

Well, today was clear, blustery and a unseasonably cool. A near perfect day to work on our shuffleboard courts. Eighteen (18) people volunteered and showed up at 8:00 am to wash, wax and clean the courts. Marguerite and Paul are back, so we were greeted with hot coffee and donuts. Marguerite set to work getting “her” kitchen in order. Joan, Connie and Mary went right to work washing the score board stations and cleaning up the benches while Daryl swept out the club house. All the rest of us swept, washed and waxed all 20 courts. We were able to finish up by 10:30 am because there were so many of us who had volunteered. The club would like to thank all the volunteers for keeping our club in shipshape condition. We are grateful to Allen and Joan Best, Arden and Mary McConnell, Marguerite and Paul Fortier, Bonnie and Randy Radke, Connie Bousquet, Wayne Lockwood, Darrel Harman, Felix Piscitelli, Bob Stock, Ted Hauptmann, John Fortini, Bill Boyes , Jean Tardif and Joey Shebester for all your support and hard-work.

Clean-Up 01-05-1612

More Pictures From Court Clean Up Day

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