A New December CMS Club Member Profile

Bob Finta, who is 78 years young, has been a very active member of the CM Shuffleboard Club for over 22 years. During his tenure, Bob has been President, Vice President, a board member liaison for more than 15 years and now Secretary. Bob grew up in New York City and was a 6th grade school teacher for 33 years. He met and married his college sweetheart, Carol,  57 years ago. They have two children, one is a math teacher and the other is a computer programmer.  Bob, a Pro since ’94, used to give shuffleboard lessons, but for now, he is more than happy to give helpful pointers on shuffleboard to anyone who may ask.  Thank you Bob for all you have done and continue to do to support the CM Shuffleboard Club, it is greatly appreciated!

PotLuc 12-18-1513


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1 Response to A New December CMS Club Member Profile

  1. Honey Lou says:

    what a nice tribut to Bob.

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