Results From FunDay Dec 12

I still have been unable to attend a Fun Day, but I have some pictures and some results. The day looked beautiful and sunny and everyone was in good cheer. Of all the teams the results were: First place was Arden’s team with Rex, Joe, and Terry. Second place was Connie’s team with Wayne, Sid and our newest member Marty. Third place was Joan’s team with Roland, Debbie and Bill.  Hopefully I will be able to attend next month’s Fun Day on January 9th and will see you there!

IMG_20151212_132304891 IMG_20151212_132254771_HDR IMG_20151212_132250633_HDR IMG_20151212_132244056_HDR


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  1. Honey Lou says:

    Have a wonderful Merry Christmas. I will se you in 2016

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