Inner City Shuffleboard

We have been having such a good time with the Inner City Shuffleboard competition. This is my first year and I was not sure what to expect. The home team supplies the coffee and cake to be enjoyed when we are done playing. We have found the other cities are so friendly and seem to be enjoying this competition as much as our club. This year we have three colored (teams) with many different playing teams in each group. There is the Red Team, the Blue Team and this year for the first time we have a White Team (the team I play with) Al Bessette manages the Red Team, Mary Ann Pabst the Blue Team and Rich Kordeleski the White Team. It is a lot of work so I would like to personally thank them for all their hard work. Today was week four for all the teams. The White Team played the Red Team here at our CM Shuffleboard courts and the Red Team won 8 games and the White Team won 4 games. We look forward to playing Deland next week in Deland. The games are played every Wednesday at 1:00 throughout the Winter, so come on down and enjoy all the fun.

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  1. Bill B says:

    Ya – watch out for those inner-city seniors.They’re tough (LOL).
    The formal name is Volusia County Shuffleboard Association, and it was originally set up to govern competion between towns and cities within the county. Hence the nichname “INTER-CITY”.

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