Inner City Shuffleboard Report from Orange City.

Hi everyone. The White team played at Orange City today and had a really great time. We had five teams Rich and Candy Kordeleski, Jean and Dave Helverson, Randy and Bonnie Radke, Don and Barb Nephew and Tim Pergrem and Tom Grubb. We played a total of 15 games and CMS won 8 games and Orange City won 7. Not a bad showing for the second inner city competition.  Thanks to everyone from Orange City for their hospitality, warm welcome and the good cake and coffee refreshments.

DSCN1067 DSCN1070 DSCN1071

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5 Responses to Inner City Shuffleboard Report from Orange City.

  1. Barb Nephew says:

    Agree, but they overpaid their heating bill! Hottest day of the year, Im sure!

  2. Honey Lou says:

    I am so glad you include me in your reports. I had so much fun playing in NSB, and met some wonderful people. Our group is slowly getting bigger, especially with the winter people returning. But we are getting new people.

  3. Honey Lou says:

    I mistook you for the one in NSB…..but I will be tickled when you get your new courts. I enjoy your Jan and Kim,,,,and look forward to seeing them again. Are any of your group going to Tavares on Monday the 16th? I will be going.

  4. Honey Lou says:

    I still am praying for your courts to get “new”… You have a great group of players (and friends ).

  5. seawitch2 says:

    Honey, it is Orange City that got the new courts not the Coronado/Main Shuffleboard Courts. I think you have us mixed up.

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