NSB Senior Games 2015 – SHUFFLEBOARD

The 26th Annual New Smyrna Beach Senior Games were held this past week.  One of the events was the shuffleboard competition held on Tuesday at the CMS Shuffleboard Club courts. At 8am the participants, the majority being members of the club, began to show up. Some members volunteered to come early to sweep the courts, make coffee and prepare for competitive play.  The NSB City supplied us with an ample supply of Dunkin Donuts. Joe Shebester with his assistant Barb Nephew, organized and set up the Tournament Bracket Sheet and team pairing assignments. Allen Best gave a brief lesson on how to score the game for the benefit of those participants who were new to the sport. After receiving their partner assignments, players headed out to the courts. We just had time to play two games when the rain came.  We had coffee and waited until the rain stopped before we cleaned off the courts again to resume play. It rained again, so we took a lunch break, ate some of Bob and Carol Finta’s delicious homebaked cookies before prepping the courts again (for the third time) after the weather cleared up. As you can imagine, the inclement weather made it a very long day for everyone involved. Shuffleboard medal winners will be announced this Thursday afternoon at the Senior Games Victory Celebration Dinner to be held in the Woman’s Club on Magnolia St. Thanks for everyones support, patience and consideration in completing this challenging day of Shuffleboard.

Sen Gam 10-06-151 Sen Gam 10-06-157

More pictures of the Senior Games Shuffleboard match.

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