August Pot Luck Dinner

Friday, August 21st, twenty-one(21) members came together on a beautiful evening for a Pot Luck Dinner that was followed up with a fun game of Bunco. Everyone brought something to share, the food was great and some of the beverages were intoxicating.   Allen Best (President) led off the dinner with Joan Best leading us into the dinner prayer.  A few new members of the 44 recruited this year also participated in the dinner.  Bunco had 19 members and one ghost seat.  Allen awarded the prizes from Bunco to the following; Randy Radke for most wins, Guy Godman for most losses and Wayne Lockwood and Gerry Bousquet tied for most Buncos.  Allen also distributed numerous Bunco door prizes to some of the remaining lucky participants.  Over all, the evening was a great success and we all look forward to our next Pot Luck Dinner,which will be scheduled sometime in September.

Fri Nite 8-21-1516

More Pictures from the Pot luck Dinner

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2 Responses to August Pot Luck Dinner

  1. seawitch2 says:

    One of the advantages of our Pot Luck Dinners is being able to exchange recipes for some of the really great dishes that are shared. Thank you to Sum Godman for her wonderful recipe for Kale and Cabbage Coleslaw. Yummy!

  2. Penny and Bill says:

    Thanks for posting Bonnie, and randy for the pictures too! It was great to see the the faces (old and new!) See you all about Nov 2nd.

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