CM Shuffleboard Club Member Profile, July

Our CM Shuffleboard Club Member Profile for this month is on Ron Raymond who has been playing shuffleboard for about 21 years. He is 86 years old and has been one of our club Professionals since 2004. He was born and raised in Danbury, Connecticut and migrated to Edgewater 21 years ago from New Fairfield, Connecticut where he worked as a maintenance engineer. Ron has 4 grand children and 5 great grand children. He first played with the Edgewater Shuffleboard Club before they disbanded and joined up with the Mainland Club which subsequently merged with the Coronado Club to form in 2011 our present day Coronado/Mainland Shuffleboard Club. Ron, always volunteering to help out, is the person who placidly keeps us in-line, organized and on schedule for our Thursday Morning Four-play shuffleboard games. You may also sometimes find him playing on Sunday mornings with some of our other Pros; Dennis, Tom, Pete and Charlie who say that Ron is “One of the overall good guys”.

MemPro 7-12-151


More Photos of Ron.

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1 Response to CM Shuffleboard Club Member Profile, July

  1. Honey Lou says:

    I am not a pro by any means…..Ron is a very nice guy, and always a courteous gentleman,

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