CMS Work Day 5/19/15

Allen Best (President), called for volunteers to participate in the CMS Work Day and 16 members answered the call.

The morning work day was warm and sunny with a light breeze. The enthusiastic work started at 8 am and the volunteer workers were greeted with donuts and coffee. We all finished up around noon. Sixteen members showed up to help wash the courts, scrub them down, dry them and then apply the wax. Some of them painted the white trim on the posts and others touched up the discs with new numbers. Allen re-numbered all the chips used to choose courts and partners. Darrel swept and washed out the club house floor.  The CMS Club would like to thank the following volunteers: Allen Best, Ron Raymond, Randy and Bonnie Radke, Rex Galusha, Wayne Lockwood, Jim Jacobsen, Charlie Jones, Rich Kordeleski, Dennis Buelk, Darrel Harman, John Fortini, Ted Hauptman, Joe Shebester, Tom Grubb and Don Nephew. The courts look great!

WAXING-5-19-15 6

Pictures from CMS Work Day

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4 Responses to CMS Work Day 5/19/15

  1. seawitch2 says:

    I would just like to say how impressed I was with the turn out, the work that was done and how well everything was organized.

  2. Honey Lou says:

    Good for them. Hope to meet them on Thursday/// I have all kinds of directions and a gps. How wonderful you have good and devoted shufflers. HOOOORAY.

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