Connecting with the Community


Saturday March 28th the Coronado/Mainland Shuffleboard Club and the SPARC Group met for the last time this year to give out achievement awards to the participants and play shuffleboard one more time together.

This Organization provides social, recreational, and sporting activities for people with developmental disabilities. Our shuffleboard club has been sponsoring a program with SPARC this year with CMS member, Bill Boyes as the coordinator. We wish to thank all the CMS workers, Joan Best, Arden & Mary McConnell, Roland Gilles and Rich Kordeleski, as well as the parents Pat Harper, Edna Fager and Phyllis Deitsch.

The youngsters who participated were Wayne Malcolm, Tommy Fager, Erick Harper, Sierra Harmer, Kelly Duff and Emily Furrano (not present). They had a really good time and seemed to learn quite a lot about shuffleboard from the CMS workers who gave them guidance and support.

Pictures from the event will also be posted in our photo link.

Pictures from the SPARC event

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2 Responses to Connecting with the Community

  1. Bill B says:

    Some great pictutres commemorating our efforts this year and for the past two years at least!

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