Masters Tournament 2015

Photos from the Northern District, March 26, 2015, Masters Tournament, Day One. Masters Tournament 2015.     This link is also available under our photos link.


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3 Responses to Masters Tournament 2015

  1. seawitch2 says:

    Our New Smyrna Beach participants faced some tough competition in Leesburg after leaving at 6:30 am and traveling for an hour and a half to be in Leesburg by 8:30 am for an all morning and afternoon competition. Dennis Buelk (Pro) and Mary Ann Pabst (Pro and past CMS president ) joined with Wayne Lockwood (Amateur) and Rex Galusha (Amateur) for the Masters Tournament. They had a great fun time meeting up with acquaintances from previous tournaments and we enjoyed visiting with a different shuffleboard club and getting into the shuffleboard tournament vibe. Everyone we met was very gracious and helpful. After the second day, March 27th, the tournament will end with an evening banquet celebrating and honoring the participants. During the evening banquet, Dennis Buelk will be inducted into the Northern District shuffleboard “Hall of Fame”.

  2. Barb and Don Nephew says:

    Dennis, we congratulate you!!

  3. Bill B says:

    Congrats Wayne, Rex, Dennis, Mary Ann. To be in the Masters you fought hard and well in many tournaments throughout the year.

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