2014 Memorial Tournament Results

When doing some webpage housecleaning, I found this in the unpublished drafts folder from 2014, and so am posting it now (2015) with apologies for my forgetfulness.

Our Memorial Tournament was held Monday February 17th. The day began with coffee and sweets in the clubhouse, and a chance for everyone to look at the placards of photos and names which were prepared by Johnnie Connor and Betty Buccini. Opening ceremonies were followed by the reading of the names of those remembered by this tournament. The tournament was played in a Single Mingles play format so the entire day could be was enjoyed by all. There were 32 players in all. The results follow:

AM 1st Kay Hanson

AM 1st Kay Hanson

AM 2nd Guy Godman

AM 2nd Guy Godman

AM 3rd Arden McConnell AM 4th Mona Tibbetts AM 5th Wayne Lockwood AM 6th Roland Gilles PRO 1st Bob Finta PRO 2nd Bill Boyes PRO 3rd Phil Wade PRO 4th Tom Rimmer PRO 5th Pete Peterson PRO 6th Charlie Jones (no picture)

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