Congratuolations to C/M members: Joe Shebester and Wayne Lockwood at the Tournament of Champions in Taveres.

TOC Results from Jack Wooten
Tourn. # 2013nd35–13-Mar-14–Mens Pro TOC–Tavares                                         19 –Players
1st in Main Allen Dronsfield ——————————————- Leesburg
2nd in Main Pat King ————————————————– Hawthorne
3rd in Main Joe Shebester ————————————– CoronadoMainland
4th in Main Robert Robinson ——————————————- Hawthorne
1st in Cons Lewis Kagan ———————————————— Leesburg
2nd in Cons Larry Whalen ———————————————– Leesburg
3rd in Cons Arnie Fischbach ———————————————- Deland
4th in Cons Robert L. Craw ————————————– Holiday Trv Rst
Director: Donna King & Jack Wooten
Tourn. # 2013nd36–13-Mar-14–Ladies Pro TOC–Tavares                                         10 –Players
1st in Main Patty Foster ———————————————— Tavares
2nd in Main Jane Moore ————————————————- Leesburg
3rd in Main Sue McLaughlin ——————————————– Hawthorne
4th in Main Sharon Upson ———————————————- Hawthorne
1st in Cons Carol Adams ———————————————– Hawthorne
2nd in Cons Jo Ann Craw —————————————– Holiday Trv Rst
3rd in Cons Alice Vandevender ————————————— Orange City
4th in Cons Dee Metz ———————————————— Orange City
 Director:  Donna King & Jack Wooten
Tourn. # 2013nd37–13-Mar-14–Mens Am TOC–Tavares                                           23–Players
1st in Main Frank Cherill ———————————————- Leesburg
2nd in Main Ralph Lyon ————————————————- Leesburg
3rd in Main Wayne Lockwood ————————————- CoronadoMainland
4th in Main Marvin Jacobson ——————————————– Clermont
1st in Cons George Fisher ——————————————— Hawthorne
2nd in Cons Duane Lammers ———————————————– Tavares
3rd in Cons Jim Morain ————————————————– Tavares
4th in Cons Ed Richmond ———————————————— Leesburg
Director:   Donna King & Jack Wooten
Tourn. # 2013nd38–13-Mar-14–Ladies Am TOC–Tavares                                           7 –Players
1st in Main Carol Helfer ———————————————– Leesburg
2nd in Main Jan Dally ———————————————– Orange City
3rd in Main Cheryl Cole ———————————————— Leesburg
4th in Main Loretta Wadden ——————————————– Clerbrook
1st in Cons Nancy Seibert ————————————— Holiday Trv Rst
2nd in Cons Gail Howell ————————————— Mid Florida Lakes
3rd in Cons Jan Griffithis ——————————————— Leesburg
Director:   Donna King & Jack Wooten
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