Tournament results

Congrats to Ron, Walt, Wayne & Mary Ann.

From Jack Wooten

Tavares Pro & Am Dbls Draw

     Tourn.#  2013nd33–06-Mar-14–Pro Only Draw-Tavares 16 –Teams
1st     1st in Main     Ronald Raymond – Richard Enright ———– CoronadoMainland/Tavares
2nd     2nd in Main     Robert L. Craw – Allen Dronsfield ———- Holiday Trv Rst/Leesburg
3rd     3rd in Main     Walt Bartels – Lewis Kagan ————————– Deland/Leesburg
4th     4th in Main     Donna King – Christine Giumarra ——————– Hawthorne/Deland
5th     1st in Cons     Walter Andrews – Walt Vilk ————— Hawthorne/CoronadoMainland
6th     2nd in Cons     Sharon Upson – Larry Whalen ———————- Hawthorne/Leesburg
7th     3rd in Cons     Jack Hazen – Pat King —————————— Deland/Hawthorne
8th     4th in Cons     Gary McLaughlin – James Wetherbee ——— Hawthorne/Holiday Trv Rst
Director: Jack Wooten
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