Banner Picture

Our Banner Picture is the one at the top of the main page. A smaller image is shown below, and we believe it is from a 1950s postcard. Because the picture shows people playing shuffleboard with court referees (the two men in the left fore- ground are each holding a referee’s stick) it must originally have been a picture taken at a tournament.

Coronado postcard circa 1955

Coronado postcard circa 1955

To see a bigger image click on the small picture. If you have been at our present-day courts, you will notice that there have been many changes, except notably, the courts themselves and the cue-house. Oh, and of course the people, but looking more closely, other than their style of clothing, they could be us today.  Look at the parked cars – You can see just the fronts of them  on the right. They would have been parked on Pine Street.) Can you identify the year of any of these cars?


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